My Goal:

As the world faces significant social, economic and environmental challenges, I want to create a forum for IEEE members to imbibe human values and lead innovations in science and technology. My vision is to ignite and nurture young minds to achieve their potential through successful careers in engineering.

Future Course of Action:

IEEE is all set to grow its membership & activities, as well as brand name and so, are the expectations of stakeholders, especially members/volunteers.

ICE (Identify, Connect and Engage) is the best way to enhance IEEEai??i??s true value at the Geo unit level. Organize branded value activities to Identify prospective members, enthusiastic volunteers, and their needs are the first step. Connect them with IEEE, through best possible ways including social media is next step. Of paramount importance is to engage all interested with high-quality activities.

Capacity Building and Micro Volunteering certainly would help at the local level (Sections and Chapters) while at the global level, cross-pollination of ideas and efforts between MGA, TAB, EAB and other IEEE entities are vital to reach out to members and serve them with tangible values and benefits.


I am confident that I can successfully address these key challenges. Ai??My priorities are:

  • Provide a valuable member and volunteer experience.
  • Support, enhance and modernize the volunteer base with capacity building processes.
  • Increase operational efficiency & effectiveness within MGA and its interfaces.
  • Establish enhanced Inter-OU Cooperation for building a cohesive and coordinated global IEEE strategy.

Given the vital role of MGA, it is critical that any IEEE Strategy from planning to implementation phases be aligned with member and volunteer needs. With the precious experience acquired by me as the Region 10 Director, I am confident to create a productive environment for MGA that is meaningful and sustainable by:

  • Targeting Student and YP retention issue across IEEE
  • Mentoring successful conference management. incorporation of YP, WiE and Industry Tracks
  • Stimulating Geo-Units for effective networking of members with stakeholders to share knowledge and ideas that increase possible partnership/growth opportunities
  • Developing strategies to facilitate successful engagement of Industry and Practitioners
  • Building plans that enhance co-operation between Sections and Society Chapters
  • Ensuring improved member value services through increased Industry engagement, continuing education and career enrichment
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